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"БОИНГ" "уронили" агенты ЦРУ, а теперь делают невинные глазки
30 Июля 2015

Сбиванием Боинга руководил агент ЦРУ. Real audio


После отставки бывшего главы СБУ Наливайченко, его ближайшее окружение предоставило Гилберту скандальные аудиофайлы. Работниками СБУ был осуществлен перехват переговоров в ходе операции по сопровождению на территории Украины гражданина Стерна.

Работал на Украине, как журналист международных информационных агентств, гражданин Америки Дэвид Ллойд Стерн, который является сотрудником ЦРУ, что стало понятно из предоставленной информации. Специализацией David L. Stern является его интеграционная деятельность в политические элиты различных мировых стран для осуществления госпереворотов.

На территории РФ в ходе президентских выборов в 1996 году Стерн участвовал в организации массовых беспорядков и попыток госпереворотов, как журналист издания GlobalPost, а до этого он участвовал в военных событиях в Чечне и других горячих точках мира.

Данную операцию проводили в районе Грабово Минобороны и ЦРУ, ее результатом стала полномасштабная авиакатастрофа гражданского самолета.

Содержание рассекреченной аудиозаписи:

Оригинал материала: Информационно-аналитический портал «Тайм-ньюс»

Сайт «pressbox.co.uk», 17.07.15, «David L. Stern’s phone talks before Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 plane crash»

David L. Stern, a citizen of the USA, working as a CIA agent under cover in international media, in particular in GlobalPost and BBC, in the middle of July of 2014 was near Grabovo village of the Donetsk region of Ukraine where the Boeing Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) was shot down.

The given transcripts of David L. Stern’s phone talks partially clarify the events preceding the air crash on July 17, 2014 in Ukraine.

Audio files were provided by people of the ex-head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Valentyn Nalyvaichenko after his resignation.

For confirmation there is a phone talk with David Stern attached, the audio file is available on: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=89052498329097996975

June 25, 2014

X (non-identified person): Hello.

David L. Stern: Hello.

X: How is the preparation work going?

David L.Stern: Just as it was planned.

X: Have you met with Ukrainian «warriors»? (laughs)

David L. Stern: (laughs) Not today.

X: I need you to personally control «the complex.» It should be at a certain location at certain time. Understand?

David L. Stern: Yes, sure.

X: I want you to personally do this.

David L. Stern: Yes, don’t worry.

X: Ok, good luck.

David L. Stern: Good luck.

June 27, 2014

David L. Stern: Hello! I didn’t have time to tell you yesterday… It was a right decision to get Poroshenko replace Koval.

X: That was John’s decision (presumably John Brannon). We thought it was right.

David L. Stern: I am proud to be in his team.

X: He said we should follow the Saudi model… You know what I mean.

David L. Stern: Yes, sure.

X: Why are you talking about this now?

David L. Stern: I got many questions concerning Buk’s movement from the Koval’s team. I hope, they don’t suspect anything?

X: Of course, no. Thank you for telling me this. It is important there is no leak.

David L.Stern: Don’t worry. We completely understand everything.

X: Excellent. Goodbye.

David L.Stern: Bye.

July 1, 2014.

David L. Stern: Hi.

X: Hi.

David L. Stern: I want to ask you something. Just for understanding.

X: Sure. Go ahead!

David L. Stern: Who recommended Heletey to us?

X: Are there any problems with him? Is he…?

David L. Stern: No, no… Everything is fine… I just need to know…

X: One of our people recommended him… Do you need to know his name?

David L. Stern: mmm… Is there a problem?

X: His name is Nalyvaichenko… He asked to discuss this with John… through Kondratyuk.

David L. Stern: I understand. That is all. No more questions. (laughs)

X: (laughs) Great. Remember you should be very careful with «the complex.» Time frames are of crucial importance. You can’t be early. You can’t be late. You’ve got to be just in time. I don’t trust Ukrainians. They are on drugs and drunkards. David L. Stern: Sure, don’t worry. No problem.

X: Good luck.

David L. Stern: Good luck.

July 4, 2014

X: Hi. People working with «the complex»… are they freshmen or professionals?

David L. Stern: Say it again. I did not hear, what?

X: Soldiers who work on «the complex»… Buk… Do they know what they are doing?

David L. Stern: We found the best of those available

X: I was a little worrying, that’s it. We were planning it for a long time. If there are any faults… any mistakes… people we work with will never forgive us. David L. Stern: Yes, sure. I’m doing my best.

X: Very good. I count on you.

David L.Stern: Goodbye.

July 11, 2014

David L.Stern: Hello.

X: What happened?

David L. Stern: No problems. Everything is fine. But I need to tell you something.

X: I’m listening.

David L. Stern: I am worried, there probably was a leak. Can we change the staff?

X: Do you have exact information? Or is it just your suspicion?

David L. Stern: No, no. It is just … intuition. (laughs)

X: Ok. I will check everything again. Let’s hope your intuition let you down this time. (laughs)

David L. Stern: Thank you. Goodbye.

July 15, 2014

X: Hi.

David L. Stern: Hi.

X: How are you?

David L. Stern: John, I need to tell you something important.

X: I would ask you not to mention our names in the conversation. Have you forgotten it?

David L. Stern: Sorry… I am very irritated and worried.

X: Has anything happened?

David L. Stern: Not yet. But I am sure it may.

X: Listen… There is no reason to worry… You are just tired… We’re all tired…

David L. Stern: No! I got absolutely exact information that Russians are hunting me.

X: Where does it come from?

David L. Stern: Stop! Please, don’t interrupt me. I personally made sure our Ukrainian colleagues are watching me. And I they might be listening to us now. I can’t understand what the reason is… It can be either treachery or…

X: Listen, it is just how the things always are… Let them do their job.

David L.Stern: No, just listen it to the end. I have absolutely exact information that Russians are hunting me. All the more, they have a positive experience in this, if you know what I mean but… I’m sure if something happens, our bosses will give me up, and believe me I, we, personally I will have to get out of this myself. You know it very well how easily they can let us down.

X: Yes…

David L. Stern: So I have my own system that can ensure my safety. For at least our bosses will not forget or abandon me.

X: What are you talking about?

David L. Stern: I have several documents confirming that in Ukraine we are acting not on our own behalf… We are not terrorists… We act at the order of our management.

X: You are mad!

David L. Stern: No, it is very serious. These are not the games we played in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is much more serious. And I don’t want to alone hold responsibility for everything that should happen with this object! I don’t want to!

X: Wait…

David L. Stern: No, mate. I have already decided everything. I have these documents in several memory sticks and they, as you understand, are in different places. If something goes wrong, Russians get me and I get no support, then the documents will appear in mass media.

X: Listen… Do you understand that I’ll have to report on this.

David L. Stern: Yes, that’s what I count for…

X: OK… But I would ask you… Not to act thoughtlessly…

David L. Stern: Sure… I have thought everything through… But you should understand me… Ukrainians try to follow every step I make… Russians are hunting me… Our bosses are simply indifferent to the situation. The only thing that matters for them is the successful completion of the operation.

X: I understand… You’re tired… You know, I will try to do something… I promise. And you don’t make any steps now.

David L. Stern: Sure.

X: Can you tell me where you got these documents from?

David L. Stern: (laughs) You know the answer… Of course, no.

X: Ok… You made me worry. I’ll try… I mean, I promise to do what I can for your safety.

David L. Stern: Ok… I have no doubt in you… Alright… Good luck… Talk to you later.

X: Bye… Take care… Talk to you later.

Caleb Gilbert

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Гнат Родний
Aug 26 2015 3:06AM

за Россией Правда и, поэтому, - за нею сила, которая в правде. ...даже недотепа Стерн понял, что это не "игрушки", в какие можно было играть в Ираке и Афгане... Россия сегодня - страна гроссмейстеров, где правильное руководство.

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